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The Realm is Under Siege!

Monsters and the denizens of Evil have spread across the land, driving citizens out of their homes and chasing innocent people into hiding!

Now it's time for you to take up your sword!

...and your shield!

...and your daggers!

...and your boomerangs!

Fine! Take everything!

Bristling with weaponry and items, there's just one thing left to say to the forces of Evil:

Bring It On! is a single-player auto-attacking 'monster'-hell shoot-em-up survival game.

Take on MASSIVE hordes of monsters across several locations, earning experience points to level up and acquire new weapons and items.

As you defeat enemies, they will spread their corruption over the battlefield! Keep moving to stay out of the dangerous goop!

Can you survive long enough to bring out the Mid-boss and Boss of each area? Can you find and recruit all of the other fighters scattered across the land to your cause?

How long until the game is finished?

At the time of this update (September 2023), we have 2 more levels planned for release, a few more characters, and several more weapons, items, relics, etc. We are hoping to have the game finished by the end of 2023/early 2024, but we will see how things go. We will be updating the game regularly with new content and bug fixes until then

How much content is planned for the final game?

On release of version 1.0, the game will launch with the following content:

  • 8 different levels, with 2 bosses each
  • 20 playable characters to find and unlock
  • Over 30 unlockable weapons
  • Over 30 unlockable items
  • Several rare relics
  • Lots of achievements

Is the game going to change in price?

Yes, we are going to increase the price of the game for the full release. The costs of development have been higher than we anticipated, and we need to make sure that we can cover those costs. We will be increasing the price of the game to $9.99 USD on release.

If you want to support the game, and get it at a lower price, we recommend buying it now!

Will the game be available on other platforms?

Currently the game is only available on Windows platforms through Steam or Itch.io. We are planning to release the full game on Mac and Linux when we leave Early Access.

It would be great to also release on consoles in the future, but we do not have any plans for that at this time.

Will the game be available in other languages?

As of right now, we only have English language support. We are hoping to add support for other languages in the future, but we do not have a timeline for that yet.

Will the game have online multiplayer?

At this time, we do not have the budget to implement any kind of multiplayer to the game. We had some plans early on to add 4-player co-op, but it is currently not planned for the 1.0 release. If the game does well enough after release, we would love to circle back and add it to a future update (post 1.0).

What are the differences between the Steam and Itch.io versions?

The Steam version of the game has Steam Achievements, and Steam Leaderboards. The Itch.io version does not have these features. Other than that, the games are identical.

Will the game have controller support?

The game should work perfectly with any controller you can connect to your computer, in addition to mouse and keyboard support.

Although we are planning to improve menu navigation with controllers before v1.0.

Will the game have mod support?

Not at this time, no. If the demand for this is high and the support for the game is good, we would love to add mod support in the future.

Will the game have a level editor?

Levels in this game are all procedurally generated based on a collection of smaller segements and special rules, so a level editor does not really make sense. We may add a way for players to create their own content as mods in the future, but it is not planned for the 1.0 release.

What are the differences between the Demo and the Full version?

The Demo is the first level of the game in it’s entirety, with the base weapons and items unlocked. You can do anything in the Demo that you can do in the Full game, but you are limited to the first level - this includes unlocking characters found in the first level, upgrading and masterying available characters, but you just can’t move on beyond the first level in the Demo.

Your saved data should carry over from the Demo to the Full game, so you can pick up where you left off when you buy the Full game.

The Demo is built from the same source code as the Full game every time we put out a release, so any changes to the main game (bug fixes, new features, etc.) will also be in the Demo.

Have you made other games?

Yes! We have lots of ‘full’ games that are available - MOST of them are FREE to play!

You can find all of them - plus a Webcomic we wrote and produced for some reason - over on our website: https://axolstudio.com/

We also have a large number of prototype or Game Jam games that we’ve worked on over the years. Those can be found on our Itch.io site: https://axolstudio.itch.io/